Repeat Order For Bespoke Bauromat Welding System

Bespoke Welding System

There’s a somewhat large presence on our shop floor, continuing to grow both horizontally and vertically, taking up a large portion of the work shop and seemingly sprouting new parts on an almost weekly basis. While that may seem somewhat ominous and like we’ve been taken over by a genetically enhanced fungus, fear not. It’s simply our latest bespoke welding system – and it’s one of the largest systems we’ve built to date.

Designed and manufactured entirely in-house, this system is the second order in the space of 12-months from a customer involved in the high energy industry. Much like the first – again, an entirely bespoke system – it integrates two Yaskawa robots that will work together to weld the customer’s product.

In keeping with the bespoke nature of the system, the robots were manufactured to be used for handling purposes, but due to their longer reach are being fitted with Fronius torches and have been programmed for arc welding purposes, emphasising Bauromat’s array of knowledge in the robotics industry.

The system has a grand total of 21 axes, all of which must be programmed to work both independently and in unison with the other axes as part of the turnkey operation, ensuring an efficient and accurate welding process.

Bespoke Welding System

But of course, the welding process can only be accurate if you’ve got high quality welding fixtures and tooling on your automated welding system, designed to hold the product securely during the weld. This is another discipline in which Bauromat excel. Using the latest CAD software, our expert designers and engineers model and manufacture the tooling, incorporating the customer’s product at it’s core. This ensures an accurate product, and one entirely unique to the job.

This system continues to be developed on Bauromat’s Telford site. Our team of engineers and programmers are currently ensuring that the completed system is completed to the high quality expected of a Bauromat system before it leave the premises and headsto the customer.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with this system’s progress as well as updates and developments from elsewhere on the Bauromat shop floor.

For more information on this system or any that we can design and develop for you, feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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