Bauromat UK Limited Becomes Make UK Member

Bauromat UK Limited is pleased to announce that it has joined the manufacturing championing organisation Make UK as a member.

The platform, previously called the EEF (Engineering Employers’ Federation) celebrates all things British manufacturing and together with its members looks to build a platform for the evolution of UK manufacturing.

Joining the organisation gives Bauromat UK Limited another platform to continue to promote the benefits of automation and allows manufacturers to see the myriad of opportunities that robots can open.

“Over the last 12-18 months, we’ve really been getting out there and promoting ourselves and automation” said Managing Director John D’Angelillo.

“Being part of Make UK gives us yet another opportunity amongst a host of likeminded manufacturers to continue to fly the flag for automation.”

As an active voice for manufacturing, Make UK is a proactive group, involved in lobbying the government and educating apprentices all over the country from its hub in Birmingham.

In joining the platform, Bauromat UK Limited can now be seen amongst a host of leading companies in a variety of industries including AE Aerospace, Boneham & Turner and AM Defence and Marine.

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