Machining & Cutting

Man & Machine…

When accuracy, consistency and speed are critical to your production needs, machining and cutting systems have the solution.

No two systems are alike and that’s why we’re here to help. From selecting the robot and developing the process, to integrating the desired tooling and running trials, when your system is complete you’ll be running with the utmost efficiency.


Machining encompasses a huge range of processes, many of which are capable of achieving through a Bauromat robotic system.

If you have the requirements for a machining application, we’d be happy to help. Everything from drilling and tapping, to reaming and milling, is available through Bauromat manufactured systems.


As well as producing consistent accuracy, cutting systems are also a much safer process. Human error is prevented due to the programmed nature of the system, designed with the ultimate accuracy while the high quality guarding also protects the operator from fumes and dust.


Depending on what you are cutting, there are various applications that we can offer. From plasma to water-jet, we can accommodate our systems to suit whatever requirements you have