We Know Welding…

And that’s why we can offer an extensive range of welding options as part of larger, fully automated turnkey systems.

You don’t have to know what process you require before talking to us, either. Using our years of experience we can advise you on what application would be best for your system, running trials to determine end results if required.

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Arc Welding

An extremely versatile solution, we can provide a range of arc welding systems including, MIG, TIG, MAG, Plasma and CMT. Depending on the demands of your product, our staff will ensure the correct process is selected for you.

Resistance Welding

A cost effective and reliable way of  joining metals with minimal distortion, we have the capabilities of providing resistance welding systems for a range of operations and processes, tailor made for your requirements. These processes include: Spot, Projection, Seam and Friction Spot. 


Welding is a vast and complex process and that’s why at times, you could be faced with numerous options for your Bauromat produced system.

Luckily for you, our staff know it well. That’s why through utilizing our facilities and numerous welding bays, trials can be performed on your products to determine an accurate outcome.

Not only does this create confidence for you in your system going forward, but it also gives us an opportunity to perfect the welding process, tailored to your specific needs.

Bauromat Systems

Sometimes, we’ll already have a system ideal for the job that you require. Across our range, we have a range of standard concepts, suitable for a variety of applications. Once we’ve suggested an ideal system, we can tailor it to suit any and all production requirements. From selecting a robot and power source from our approved partners to programming and commissioning, there is assistance every step of the way

If a standard isn’t suitable, then we have the capability of designing, manufacturing and programming completely bespoke systems, unique to your requirements. Using the latest CAD software, we can produce and precise drawings and measurements for your approval.

 Welding Management

Your time and money is as important to you as ours is to us. In integrating a weld management system into your welding process, you can see a dramatic reduction in both.

Our partners at Fronius, Harmes + Wende and Bosch, all provide intelligent weld management and quality control systems.  Easily installed into your system, information is collated for you to analyse and assess. The process can continually develop, improving your  output and optimizing your productivity, tracking each weld in your network.

Any management system can be integrated into a pre-existing or custom built system designed and manufactured by our staff.

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