Fixtures & Tooling

Fix it in place…

And ensure a stable manufacturing process by using our quality fixtures & tooling. Suited to all applications our products are completely designed and manufactured in-house using the latest 3D CAD software.

Like our robot systems, we have concepts for standard fixtures and tooling which can be integrated into any automation system. And if a standard isn’t suited to your requirements we also have the facilities to produce bespoke fixtures & tooling, unique to your specifications.

You don’t always need a surrounding automation system for your fixtures and tooling either, and that’s why we offer both as standalone options for welding and other applications.



Importance of Fixtures & Tooling

Simply put, without tooling and fixtures, there’s no finished product. Everything from the speed of production and desired volumes, to accuracy and repeatability, depend on the quality of your tooling.

For the best results, tooling and fixtures must be designed and manufactured with the product at the forefront of its development and that’s exactly how we do it.