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KUKA is one of the leading innovators for custom-built, tailor-made automation production systems. Serving a range of sectors with high-quality automation solutions for over 120 years, KUKAs robotic systems are also known as some of the most impressive, thus becoming the worlds best-selling robot series in 2010 and the world record holder for the strongest six-axis industrial robot in 2007.

With highly flexible solutions, KUKA products can be found in almost any industry around the globe. KUKA’s industrial robots work seamlessly in Bauromat’s systems, with proven gains in efficiency and quality.

At Bauromat, we can integrate any KUKA robot into a fully automated system, with our official KUKA partnership delivering high-speed processes to enhance your production operations.

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65% Time Saving With Bauromat

Utilise your resources by saving time and money with Bauromat’s welding solutions.

KME Steelworks – MIG Welding Cell

Experiencing difficulty finding skilled workers within their production line, KME Steelworks turned to Bauromat’s automated welding solutions…


KME Steelworks achieved a 65% time saving on manufacturing processes whilst retaining high-quality outputs.


With an improvement in time spent on processes, KME Steelworks experienced significant cost savings too.

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