HiArc 200M – System Profile

We’ve recently shipped a HiArc 200M, one of our standard robotic welding systems, to Clamason Industries, a European leader in the manufacture of precision pressings and stampings.

Considering the system was one of our standards from the HiArc series, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to profile the system as a whole, what it consists of and how it will be integrated by the customer.

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Repeat Order For Bespoke Bauromat Welding System

Bespoke Welding System

Bespoke Welding System

There’s a somewhat large presence on our shop floor, continuing to grow both horizontally and vertically, taking up a large portion of the work shop and seemingly sprouting new parts on an almost weekly basis. While that may seem somewhat ominous and like we’ve been taken over by a genetically enhanced fungus, fear not. It’s simply our latest bespoke welding system – and it’s one of the largest systems we’ve built to date.

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Bauromat Welding System Shipped to Leading Exhaust Manufacturer

Exhaust Welding System

Earlier this week, we shipped our latest, fully automated turnkey MIG exhaust welding system. The cell, which will be installed in the UK at a leading exhaust manufacturer, will produce parts in high quantities for the automotive industry and has been designed, manufactured and commissioned completely in-house by our team of skilled engineers and technicians.

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