System Service & Training

Let’s keep you moving…

We understand that a robotic system can be a complicated piece of equipment. Without them running 100%, you can face huge hurdles. That’s why we’re proud of the range of service & training we can provide.  We want to ensure you get the best out of your Bauromat system at all times – Even before you’ve placed an order.


Service & Support

We offer full service support on all our systems and can give you guidance every step of the way.

From installation and getting your system fully operational, to servicing and maintenance, we offer support for the whole installation.  From the tooling, work piece, and robot to the control panel, electrics and general maintenance, we can provide support.


Whether you’ve used automated systems before, or it’s your first foray into robotic automation, we can provide training to help you every step of the way.

As part of our post-sale services, we offer robot application training either on our premises or on yours. And that’s not just on the robot alone. The training is tailored to your system specifically and how the robot is controlled, monitored and maintained during its automated process. This ensures a safe handover and that your staff are completely comfortable with the requirements needed for a completely automated robotic system.