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YASKAWA Robotic System Partners

YASKAWA is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial robotic systems, their robots can be found all around the world. Their range of robotic systems can be applied to various applications including welding, handling and also in clean room environments.

As a systems partner for YASKAWA, we can integrate any YASKAWA robot into a Bauromat system, improving the efficiency in production and quality from day one. With a team of skilled engineers trained in robotics, your system will have the backing of a leading robot manufacturer.

Case Study – MIG Welding

A leading UK exhaust manufacturer approached us with the aim of integrating a fully automated turnkey solution to improve the production process of their exhaust assembly and welding.

Our in-house team visited the site to analyse the foundations and robotic systems to develop a fully automated system that worked in harmony with their current robotic systems. Read more

See the short video below to see our systems in action…

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